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Endless Melody The Symphony of Angels | by ❤VALENSiYAGAMES

Endless Melody The Symphony of Angels


Demo Reviews:
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The Story:
An ancient darkness returns, and mutiple Angels fight for control over the world of Gaia.


Endless Melody TSoA is a story driven game, set between several different groups of characters in a very "Game of Thrones" style. Following Akira, the Queen of Merrik to the mighty Sky Palace of Myth. A Guardian Knight defending the Brotherhood of Eternity in his role to take out the evil Destroyer. And the General of the Hero Alliance, Doken, as he battles his own demons on the value of right and wrong.

Things we think you’ll like:
•LUNAR SSSC/EBC inspired battle system
•Enemy Skill learning
•A legit Final Fantasy 7 styled Limit Break System, hand programmed just for you.
•A variety of music from Royalty Free Vendors such as audiojungle and jewelbeat, as well as some origianl music compositions written by Andy's Piano Book
•Two worlds to explore
•A cast of up to 16 main party members including mages, warriors, archers, a sentinel, and even a chemist with mad chemical warfare skills.
•A secondary cast of playable support characters from the “Gaia’s Melody” game series by Echo607.
•A very cinematic approach to cut scenes and establishing shots.
•It’s a heavily story driven game with a very dark theme, but manages to keep a high level of fun characters, and interactions.
•Inspired by LUNAR: Silver Star Story / Eternal Blue – still the 2 best RPG's’s of all time.


Direct Download the DEMO 1.0 (xxxMB) from
(downloads currently disabled)

Known Issues


Watch Fighters Bug Test on EndlessGaming's Youtube
Watch Echo607's Early Demo Playthru on Echo607's Youtube


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