Posted: October 20 2017

  So how cool is it that Gaia's Melody Echoed Melodies is finally out? I've got to say that it's been a long time coming, and that I'm so proud of Echo for taking such a huge risk with this. Seriously, in most relationships it's the little sister who looks up to her big brother, but in our case... Echo is someone I respect and aspire to be at least as good as her.

  I remember years ago for Christmas my kid sister - Kid Echo... kiddeko? Hmm... anyways, she shows up at my house for a weekend visit, and has a cd-rom with a game she built on it. "Gaia's Melody". It was pretty good, but really, it was defiantly the work of a kid. And heavily ‘’’inspired by’’’ (ahem… ripped off) from Final Fantasy IX and IV. But it had the staples, Akira, Doken, Zephyr, a pair of twins, and the iconic town of Teralolz.

  It was truly remarkable what she had done in only a few months, I    thought. Then, quite a number of years later (and I’ll assume several projects about cats later), it was my birthday, which one doesn’t matter. What mattered of course was there it was, starring me in the face, Gaia’s Melody. At first I had thought that it would just be a more polished version of the game she had given me as a kid… but that wasn’t the case at all. It was a full on redesign of the game, even Teralolz and Akira were different, reflecting her current age. The game was incredible. It was also the first time a video game had made me cry for the characters.

  Then years after that came around another birthday, and thus Gaia’s Melody Another Epilogue was born. I must admit, I wasn’t really expecting a game of that length from an RPG Maker developer, I mean, I should have, I knew Echo was awesome already, but… 60 hours? So over the course of about a month I played though it, and fell in love with the cast of characters (except Ferrik… damn him.) all over again. The real highlight of Another Epilogue would have to be the awesome use of the Mode07 Theater, as well as the Mode07 height mapping she had done. The recap of the ‘’’original’’’ Gaia’s Melody was simply amazing.

  And now, in 2017 we are here witnessing once again the awesome of Gaia’s Melody. For the first time, again. It is awesome, the graphics are beautiful and pretty much all done by Echo herself, the sound track is fantastic for a series of Royalty Free music tracks. I’m really looking forward to fully playing though it again, and I hope that you guys do too.

  Echo is an amazing RPG Maker developer, and she deserves all the luck in the world on her project. We at VALENSiYAGAMES wishes her nothing but the best of luck!!! :)


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